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Порталът към съзнателен живот
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Музика за сърцето, духа и душата

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Ето и моето предложение,освен това за мен Harold Budd си остава един от най-добрите амбиент

композитори,той е и основоположник на този стил.smile.gifето нещо и от него:


А това е класика в този стил-амбиент:

Добре е да се чуят целите албуми,невероятни са за релакс,направо политаш...


Редактирано от Иво

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Благодаря за клипчетата! sorcerer.gif

Аз ти благодаря за уютната атмосфера която създаваш около себе си :3d_041:. Искам да ви поздравя двете с пчелица с още една прекрасна мелодия на

Nicholas Gunn-Morning star - Johannes Linstead and Nicholas Gunn :)


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:3d_041:Поздравления за публикуваните клиповете

чак и на мен ми се прииска да посвиря:3d_052:


За теб:





Редактирано от Eлф

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~Timeless (Legend Series)~


1 Land Of Forever (From Land Of Forever)

2 Elysian Fields (From River Of Stars)

3 A Voice In The Night (From Savitri)

4 Timeless (From The Emerald Way)

5 Magic Flower (From Chrysalis)

6 Icarus (From Wings)

7 Starwalkers (From River Of Stars)

8 Valley Of Healing Waters (From Across An Ocean Of Dreams)

9 The Year (From Savitri)

10 Dreaming Of You (From This Moment Now)

11 Secret Shores (From The Emerald Way)

12 Temple Of Apollo (From Wings)

13 The River's Journey (From Across An Ocean Of Dreams)



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To Heaven and Beyond




Original Release Date: June 15, 2003

Label: Spirit Voyage Music

This album is a prayer for Peace on the Altar of Mother Earth. It is a special re-release for special times.

Snatam Kaur was born and raised with yoga and meditation as a daily practice as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She received musical training all throughout school in violin, voice, and percussion. Upon graduating high school she lived in India and studied with masters of the Sikh traditional style of music called Gurbani Kirtan. With her meditative practice and musical training she combined these two streams of disciplines into creating devotional music.

Song Title:






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Благодаря ти Елф!

Това е нещо много хубаво, за освобождаване на сърцето, духа и душата:


Поздравявам всички:3d_047:

Редактирано от Уакан Танка

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~Tantric Songs/Hosianna Mantra~

Popol Vuh


Original Release Date: 1991

Instrumental/ Vocal / Mantras

Label: Celestial Harmonies

Tantric Songs and Hosianna Mantra are recognized as classics in the field of contemplative music. Hosianna Mantra encompasses a series of gracefully understated chants. With pastel piano textures, spacious melodies from guitar and violin, and the angelic vocals of Djong Yun, Popol Vuh distills the sublime nature of Christian liturgical music from the dogma normally associated with it.


1. Mantra of the Touching of the Earth

2. Mantra of the Touching of the Heart

3. Angel of the Air, Part I

4. Angel of the Air, Part II

5. In the Realm of Shadow

6. Wanderer Through the Night

7. Listen He Who Ventures

8. Brothers of Darkness - Sons of Light

9. Ah!

10. Kyrie

11. Hosianna: Mantra

12. Departure

13. Blessing

14. Devotion I

15. Not High in Heaven

16. Devotion II


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~Music for Zen Meditation~

Tony Scott


New Age/ Music for meditation and relaxation

320Kbps / Original Release Date: February 1964


1. Is Not All One?

2. The Murmuring Sound Of The Mountain Stream

3. A Quivering Leaf, Ask The Wind

4. After The Snow, The Fragrance

5. To Drift Like Clouds

6. Za-Zen (Meditation)

7. Prajna-Paramita-Hridaya Sutra (Sutra Chant)

8. Sanzen (Moment Of Truth)

9. Satori (Enlightenment)

Listen to samples



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С дъха на юнско топло лято света отново ще изваят

с копнежи бродират звездите в нощната доба

грее светулчено ято по лунния мъх и дъбрава

в шепот малинов и ехо на песен

ябълков цвят се тихо заронва


Вземат синята багра и огнено от фениксова птица

устрема на див жребец и ромона на ручей хладен

в абаносова усмивка на танцуваща жрица

приижда Любовта, прелива

дордето Слънце в сърцето изгрее...


Frederic Delarue

~A mind like an ocean~


New Age / 2007 / Meditation

Label: Frederic Delarue Productions

This is the story of two artists, each bringing their own unique God given talents to create one beautiful masterpiece. Eva s artwork for this album cover is a gift of Love. Frederic composed this entire album with the painting in front of him for inspiration. It was not until the painting was in his presence that this music was brought to life.

1 A Mind Like An Ocean

2 The Journey Begins…

3 Believe

4 In The Breath of Life

5 Intuition

6 Inspiration

7 Celebration

8 Prayer Dance

9 Song Title

10 A New Life

11 Gratitude




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...тази музика извира сякаш от самата Светлина

и има толкова много любов в нея



Erik Berglund

~ The Seven Sacred Flames~



New Age / Meditation / mp3 / 256mbps / 2008

Erik Berglund is a unique recording artist who, like the troubadours of yore, combines his extraordinary musical talents with the Spirit and power of God's healing gifts.

Erik sings like an angel by the crystalline sounds of his Irish harp.


1. The Flame of the Will of God and Divine Power

2. The Flame of Illumination and Wisdom

3. The Eternal Flame of Cosmic Love

4. The Flame of Purification and Immortality

5. The Flame of Healing and Manifestation

6. The Flame of Resurrection and Transfiguration

7. The Flame of Transmutation and Freedom



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*2-те части на една "водена" медитация ~ напомня на йога-нидра, защото има същото усещане за хармония и покой...

~Magnetizing Your True Love~




Audio CD (May 11, 2010) / Number of Discs: 2

Label: Oreade Music

A dynamic double CD featuring a powerful meditation & visualization exercises designed to open and heal your heart

and to prepare you to receive your true love





01 - Clearing Your Energy

02 - Opening Your Heart


01 - Being An Open Channel

02 - Dynamic Chakra

Listen to samples



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Manish Vyas & Dina Awwad

Sufi Splendor~ Music For Whirling Meditation


Original Release Date: September 3, 2002

Label: White Swan Records

1. Allaho akbar, ya rahimo ya rahman

2. La illaha illa allah

3. Ya rabbi salli alal habib mohammaden



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TIBET ~ Heart Beat Meditation ~

Margot Reisinger with Existence


New Age / World Music / 62:55 min. / 2003

COSTA VERDE Production

Mystic beats and sacred Mantras expressing the powerful and alife Spirit of Tibet!

01 - Om Mani Padme Hum

02 - Flower Of Compassion

03 - Invocation

04 - Free Tibet (Long Version)

05 - Tara Mantra

06 - Phenpo Song

07 - Heart Beat Of Live

08 - Om Tare

09 - Praises Of Tara

10 - Reflection Of Balance

11 - Free Tibet

Listen to samples




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"Музиката те живее"

~ по думите на един мъдър брат




Когато тонът на мантрите вибрира

слиза Духът на животворна сила

на арфа струните и слънце в дланите прелива


Докосвам леко броеница за молитва

сапфирените й зърна проблясват леко

сърцето радостен възторг изпитва


И онзи чуден свят приижда

с небесните ни имена

и душата с очи на красотата вижда



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Днес е 22-ри април ~ обявен за Денят на Земята~

Да се помолим в сърцата си тази планета да е все по~светло място за тези, които идват след нас...

...и едно мистично пътуване със Shaman's Vision Journey и музиката на David and Steve Gordon:

~Shaman's Vision Journey~



Original Release Date: April 11, 2006

Label: Sequoia Records

Enter a Sacred Dream - This soothing-trance music invites you to remember your own inner peace. Award-winning artists David and Steve Gordon (Sacred Earth Drums, Drum Medicine) combine the Tribal drums and reverent Native Flute melodies they are renowned for with relaxing atmospheres, ancient Shaman chants (Lakota, Tibetan) guitars, sounds of nature and the healing resonance of Crystal Bowls.


Song Title:

1. East Wind Awaken (Dream Body)

2. South Wind Meeting (Spirit Animal)

3. West Wind Receiving (Sun Blessing)

4. North Wind Renewal (The Upper World)




Listen to samples


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И в най~тихия звън на молитва

откривам светлината

в цвета на дива дюля разцъфтяла

прошепната в зениците~взор на душата

в облачния пух зазвънтяла

Господи, ангелите пеят за рая...

~Maneesh de Moor - Om Deeksha~


Original Release Date: June 5, 2007

Label: Gemini Sun Records

This music is suitable to listen to during deeksha, during deep meditation, or just for pleasure.

This deeksha music soothes the mind, body, and spirit, enabling the listener to enter a place of deep peace.

1. Moola Prayer

2. Bliss

3. Jai Radha Madhav

4. Morning Praise

5. Invocation of Bliss

6. Interlude

7. Om Bhagavan

8. Chidananda

9. Pure Essence

10. Guru Stotram


Listen to samples


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~Cosmic Energy - Chakra Meditation~


Original Release Date: August 26, 1997

Format: Single / Label: Aquarius Int'l

A distinctive meditation record that organizes frequency and tones to be tuned to the human energy centers, which promotes a harmonious, balancing effect on the mind and body. The frequency and order of tones are tuned to the human energy centers, so they have a harmonious effect on your body and mind.

It initiates the cleansing of the energy centers and the building up and maintenance of your aura.

Chakra 1

Chakra 2

Chakra 3

Chakra 4

Chakra 5

Chakra 6



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