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когато след звезда

тихичко вървя

шепичка от златното

на Слънцето да донеса

стълбица е музиката

~ цветна нежност

светлик ~ факелът


с мисъл златното в

нишка вплита

Любов към Земята

цялата полита

звездите песен

чудна пеят

лъчи от мекота

се в бяло леят...



Recommended Comments

Dean Evenson & Li Xiangting ~ Tao of Peace (2002)


Year: 2002

Label: Soundings Of The Planet

Genre: New Age / Meditative

Quality: Lossy

Format: MP3 @ 320 Kbps

Size: MP3 ~ 140 Mb

Source: My CD

Upload to: RapidShare

Tao of Peace is a multi - purpose and multi - level creation from Dean Evenson (silver flute and keyboards) and Li Xiangting (gugin [Chinese zither] and xia [vertical bamboo flute]). Guest musicians include Dudley Evenson (hand harp and tamboura), Phil Heaven (viola), Brian Cisneros (percussion), and Jason Darling (chimes and bells). These smooth and dreamy atmospheres are divinely inspired and connected. Evenson and Xiangting created them specifically for enhancement of the healing arts. Ideal for yoga, feng shui (all healing arts) and anyone wishing to relieve stress and enhance their meditation practice.. The flutes and strings are gentle and soft... ~ All Music


Song List:

01. Snow In Woods Poem

02. Path Through The Forest

03. Full Apple Tree

04. Buds On Trees In Springtime

05. Stillness At Midnight

06. Grass Reflecting On Pond

07. Green Lake In The Woods

08. Slow Samba

09. Green Quiet Mountain

- Personnel -

Dean Evenson (flute, keyboards); Li Xiangting (flute, guqin); Dudley Evenson (handharp, tamboura);

Phil Heaven (viola); Brian Cisneros (percussion); Jason Darling (bells, chimes).

listen to samples



mp3 - 320 Kbps:


password: neosacred

За всички, преоткрили Извора непресъхващ на малките чудеса..

За всички онези, които дишат Слънце и даряват (безкористно, безусловно) от Светлината Му (приютили я налюбовизирано в своите сърца)..

неръкотворен, огнедишащ в Кундалини тайнство.. Обичайте се, много!..


-= Разпалван от чистите служители на Любовта - нека Пламъкът освети с Благодат всички човешки сърчица!.. =-

-= Нека Земята и рода човешки да добруват и всички жизнепотоци бъдат щастливи!... =-


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Catch a Falling Star ~ Josephine Wall

Dancing in the clouds far above the earth, a rainbow coloured fairy espies a shower of falling stars. Holding out her hands she hopes to catch one of the brilliant streaks of light. Her aim is to catch one and make a wish for peace and harmony for the whole world. Let us hope she is successful..!

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