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Порталът към съзнателен живот

Living Power – Inspirational Film with Music by the Master Beinsa Douno

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Living Power – Inspirational Film with Music by the Master Beinsa Douno


The majestic images of the Rila Mountains in Bulgaria and the music by the Master introduce you in a world of harmony and joy. Living Power emanates from the mountain peaks, lakes and streams. The Seven Lakes and the peak Mussala are sacred places filled with purity, inspiration, and energy. You are invited to follow the steps of the Enlightened Beings. You climb up towards the summit and you burst into a song , “You are one and the only one, my Mussala, Sacred Place, Divine Summit. My Mussala, Mussala, Mussala, Mussala, My Mussala. Have you seen in clear spring day the sunrise from Mussala?…”

Download the film

Film duration: 50:07 min

File size: 479 MB

Video codec: Xvid

* The film is offered by Izgrev TV and is free for non-commercial use and distribution.

For more information about groups performing Paneurhythmy in USA, please visit: www.paneurhythmy.us

TV team: Ivan Mihnevski, Kiril Kirilov, Maria Tasheva

Zdravka Baramova – violin and flute

Ina Doynova – electric organ and arrangement

Дата на първоначално въвеждане: 19.03.2007 г.


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