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Порталът към съзнателен живот

For The Glory Of God


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For the Glory of God

Sunday lecture given by Beinsa Douno

July 11, 1926

Mount Musala, Rila Mountain

In summary I will discuss one basic thought, i.e. what is the true manifestation of Life. How can the words the Glory of God be interpreted? Glory can be explained only through the law of Wisdom or knowledge. Science reveals the Glory of God but when people acquire knowledge, they do not use it for the Glory of God. They use knowledge for their own glory and as a consequence disharmony appears. I examine people as separate units. For each unit there are two possibilities in life: to take the right way or to make a swerve from that way. So, every soul as a separate unit has the possibility to expand and to contract. The esoteric science explains this phenomenon in several ways. The Western occultists explain it with the so-called thermal ether. Ether means that from which things are born and fostered.

The particle "et" is the primary beginning from which things are born. "Ther" is what fosters things on Earth. Ether is not a thick matter. Thermal ether, i.e. the primary energy, which started acting, has a connection with Love. Consequently, Love reveals itself in the primary manifestation of Life. That is when the thermal ether became effective in the matter. Hence Life manifests itself through warmth. When warmth appeared, the flow of life started its descent to the Earth to organize it.

It is said in the Bible: "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth" (Genesis1:1-3). This flow is the Divine Spirit Who comes down to organize things. At your present state of development you have to understand the law of the thermal ether. It is a movement from the outside to the inside. When we say that we have to love other people, we get the idea of the thermal ether coming from the outside. People demand our love. Someone wants to love you and to be loved by you. Why? – This is a kind of energy in Nature that strives to manifest itself. When you do not understand the law, you distort things. When a spring wants to reveal itself what should it do? – It should spring out. When water springs from it, the spring reveals itself. This happens with people too. When an angel loves a person, you will see an emanation coming from this angel. What the angel emits is liquid, while your love is denser. When you love someone, you also emit something. If at this moment an angel, returning from a long journey sees you, he will say, "I will rest at this spring". The angel will fill his cup with some of your water and will be able to determine correctly whether your spring is good or not. When people love each other in the physical world, there are purely physical displays among them. It is not like that in the Invisible world. There, Love is a spring. These are abstract concepts for you. You simply say, these people love each other. Yes, that is right. You should know however, that Life corresponds to the thermal ether and if you cannot receive this stimulus from outside, then Life cannot manifest itself in you. Life, which comes from within, is a display of the thermal ether. When Life manifests itself, your life-giving ether will be in the center of the Earth. The life-giving ether is what creates. To reveal this life first a wave has to come from outside.

When I talk of the Earth you resemble it. That is why this thermal ether has to come to you by all means as an external stimulus to arouse your heart to action. Sometimes you want to love. Thus, when you adopt one external stimulus within yourselves, another impetus should spring out from the center of your heart for life to manifest itself. Consequently, everyone who wants to live will interact with the solid matter. Everyone who wants to love will interact with the solid matter. People who cannot work with the solid matter cannot live. In this respect, from the point of view of Life, instances of suffering are stones through which you will build your future. After that Light, which is equally necessary to Life, comes. It is also a flow that is called light ether.

All these external manifestations of Life have their own form. Warmth creates certain forms in people. Light also creates certain forms. Life has certain forms as well. Every flow creates its own particular forms. The warmth and light of the Sun have a big impact first on the religious state of people as well as on science. You shall strive to preserve this warmth and light within yourselves. You shall never lose the small warmth that you have in the solar plexus! This warmth should always exist in you. It is necessary to you. If you have this warmth you are invulnerable. No one can harm you. However, if you lose this warmth the biggest misfortunes may come upon you: storms, catastrophes. They can destroy you entirely, so that nothing will remain from you. If you keep this warmth in you, Light will eventually come. When Light comes it bestows knowledge on people. Thus the light ether has an impact on the brain. The thermal ether has an impact on the heart. A number of chemical processes take place in the human heart directed from the inside to the outside. They determine in which way a person will manifest oneself. Do not be held back by the different manifestations of human life! The outside world may be held back but not you. You should know that regardless of the way in which people manifest themselves, it is all for the Glory of God. Your mistakes and omissions represent opportunities for the elevation of beings that are more advanced than you. When you make a certain error, these beings that are invisible for you will use this error for the formation of a great virtue. Everything in the world is created in such a way that these conscious beings will use every error of yours to create a new virtue. Now, be aware of saying: if everything is for good, let us make mistakes! No, that is not right. When you have unconsciously made a mistake or an omission, then I say that you should not be sorry for it. This mistake of yours will be used by another being for something good. You should know that as long as you are on Earth you will make mistakes. They are inevitable. However, mistakes should not be made on purpose. The only danger coming from the Brotherhood of darkness is that they have the task to implant a fault-finding spirit in each person: a spirit that makes one think that he or she does do not live well. We know that a person cannot become a saint in one day. To be saints we must know all laws of Nature, even our own future. When someone comes to me saying, "I am a holy person" I answer, "If so, tell me about my future". If this person cannot tell anything about my future, I say, "You are not a saint". A saint can predict people's future. An advanced person has to have a certain inner knowledge – a presentiment for future developments. For the time being all of you have the opportunity to be influenced by the external world. You are reflectors of the external world, but you must know that the light of others is their own light while yours is your own light. However, if you only reflect their light, the moment it stops you will lose it too; but if the Light is in you, you will keep it forever. Only the Light within you is real. If the Light comes to your reflector from outside, you should be even happier as it will intensify your own light. In this case and always you should keep your own light and warmth.

Now we have climbed the Musala (1) peak. Here all of you are in a good state of mind, but down in Sofia you are not like that. There you have bad, hostile feelings towards each other. A sister comes to you, you cannot stand her and you want her to go away. What are the reasons for these feelings? – These are small, ordinary problems, but they do not resolve the issues. You do not love a sister; you want to free yourself from her. Why? Now I do not want to resolve these issues among you, but I say that these situations exist all over the world. You do not love a certain person, but another person does not love you. At the same time you love someone else a lot. Sometimes you cannot stand someone; however, this person comes to you all the time. We also observe the opposite: you love someone, you want this person to come to you, but they avoid you. Why does this happen? This is due to the flows in space (i.e. the thermal ether and the light ether). The law of Love is the following: when a feeling of Love descends upon me it always comes from above, from Heaven and in turn I have to give something by all means. If I do not give something, I cannot manifest Love. When God Who loves us, manifests Himself He gives us something. Similarly, whenever we want to love God we must also give something from ourselves. We have to sacrifice something. We have to give out our fruit as God also wants something from us. We read in the Holy Scriptures that the Jews offered sacrifices to God. What will we offer? What should we give – sweet fruit from our garden? – No, we will offer fruit from the garden of our heart and bring it on a special tablet, made of gold and diamonds. Up there, at God's place an angel will meet us and will receive the fruit from us. You will say all of this is phantasmagoria. Yes, these things are elevated and difficult to comprehend.

Now, let us consider the facts the way they manifest themselves on Earth. When you love someone, how do you behave? A mother will first give socks to her child, she will saw a dress, a hat, a shirt and thus she will continue until her child reaches an old age. She will manifest her love at all times. When Love appears in a son or a daughter, the same law will hold. To realize this law in us, we should always be in contact with the Invisible world through our consciousness. To be in contact with the Invisible world we have to know someone from that world by name. How do you communicate with the Invisible world? – While you are sleeping, you should pray and think. What are your translators like? When I return to the distant past I see that on many occasions you did not use the opportunities which you had to develop yourselves. You made such errors that you raised huge barricades in front of you. You alone erected whole mountains in your life. Now you come across these errors. Currently you must deal with what you once did to others. That is why today you are given favorable conditions to improve your life journey. Your present life journey is an opportunity to liquidate all contradictions that exist. You can liquidate them now. These contradictions are not big.

Now when we look into that matter, each of you has to place oneself in a circle. Each of you has a definite circle in which you can act. Every thought has its planned periphery and it cannot manifest itself outside this periphery. For example, would you like to sing so that all of Bulgaria listens to you? The time will come when all of Bulgaria will listen to you as though you were singing over the radio. There will be a special instrument for everything. If people listen to you via the air, what a roar, what a scream they will hear! How strong does this sound have to be to be heard all over Bulgaria? In the present conditions to transmit the sound to a distant place it has to be produced very strongly, because when it passes via the air it loses its strength. In the future people will develop their inner abilities and when one talks and sings somewhere the sound will be transmitted through the ether to remote destinations and others will perceive it. The sound will go through the air without obstacles. For example, if you sing in Varna (2) your voice will be heard everywhere.

Therefore, you shall study the thermal ether, which has a connection with Love. You shall study Light or the light ether, which has a connection with faith and Wisdom. You shall work with the chemical ether or with the volitional manifestations of the human soul – with water. The ancient alchemists and occultists made the following classifications: earth is the life; water is the chemical processes; light is the air and heat is the fire. People should master these elements: earth, water, air, fire, light and heat. People should be able to make their own fire. If your heart is cold, you should be able to warm it up yourself inwardly. You should not wait for someone to warm it up from outside. You will say, "Let God do it! It is God Who acts from within." God can do everything Himself, but He wants to make us master our own selves alone. God wants us to love. In this way you are learning a great art. If you have fire and can master it you may even descend to hell. A person, who cannot master water; who cannot master air; who cannot master light and who cannot master warmth – such a person is suitable for nothing. These are all opportunities when it comes to humans. If people do not use these opportunities, they will accomplish as much as the fish – it lives in water, but it does not master it. They will accomplish as much as the mole – it lives in earth, but does not master it. What have birds accomplished? They live in the air, but they do not master it and so far they have accomplished nothing. They have no culture. When we come to those who deal with fire we see that they do not master it either. They make big fires: they set a house on fire; they explode a bomb, which produces a big earthquake, and then they leave. Our houses are destroyed and we suffer, while they celebrate. Hence we are required to study these forces. However, there is one danger in revealing secrets to you – you may not be able to use them reasonably.

Thus I say, when you see a person you shall not pay attention to the weaknesses, but to the virtues of this person. You often say, "I thought that you were a friend of mine, but you have such and such weakness." No, to understand someone we have to look at virtues because what is bad in a good person is only a shadow in their life. Only an extremely good person can have shadows in their life. Only such a person can provoke evil to be manifested. Do wolves go to a shepherd who does not have sheep? Wherever you see sheep you will also find wolves and bears. Do lice spread on a dead person? If you see someone with lice and flea, you should know that this person is alive. Where do lice go? – They go to the living. I say, a noble character should be formed in each of you. Your souls should be widely open, so that whoever meets you may feel that you are a breath of freshness and life. Inner fullness and goodness should exist in you without any effort. You should manifest yourselves naturally in a Divine way. You should be good in your very being without wanting to be such. You should be good in such a way that even when sometimes you do not want to be good you will still be; and if you do not want to do good, you will still be unable not to do it. I call such people good.

The most important thing for you now is to retain something from this excursion to Musala. What will you retain from this day? Will you remember anything from it one day when you become 60-70 years old? You may say, "Leave our white hair alone, these matters have nothing to do with it!" Where is your faith then? Not only you must not grow old, but you have to rejuvenate each and every day. Not only you do not have to die, but you have to come back to life every day. You have to live in joy constantly! And when you go to the Other world you will climb Musala again. However, you will see it in a different form there. It is essential that we are making this excursion, because we have certain matters on Earth that we have to resolve. Every ascent to Musala gives us an impulse. Here we are at the summit and no one can stop us. Our elan is so great that we can take over the summit from anywhere. We are at a height, where the Lodge of black darkness is powerless. It can do nothing as we will break through everywhere. However, if we had returned without climbing Musala, we would have retreated from this position as Kuropatkin (3) and as the Germans in the siege at Verdun (4).

An elan has to be present in every person, in all of us! The mistake that all of you make is that you do not have elan. You must have an ideal! If you stop at the smallest difficulty, there is not an elan in you. If you have elan, you will be like birds – you will come by and fly away. If you have an elan, if you have an ideal, no devil can stop you. So the high ideal – striving towards God – brings warmth. You see even here at Mount Musala, at this height we have a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. What does it show physically? When we add up two plus two, we get the number four – the strongest number at the highest place. The fire of these energies, of these forces acts in one square. Whatever ends up there gets destroyed. So here we have the square of Life. At 22 degrees Celsius Life can destroy all obstacles that may come across one's way. Here Nature demonstrates this principle. Everything is destroyed at Musala. It means that the number 22 corresponds to Musala. There are also 22 letters in the Jewish alphabet. The Jews interpret their entire philosophy in line with the Cabala.

Therefore, all separate units live for the common unit. The common unit is God with Whom we are connected. And all our ideas are corrected in line with this common unit. We constantly think of God, but we do not realize it and there is no need to do so. However, a sacred idea is lodged in us. When we come to a certain place we always correct our mistakes exactly according to this idea. God is the One Who corrects our errors. God says, "Do not do this!" and you happily accept it. There is no person on Earth who is not corrected by God. Sometimes you cry until God comes, looks at you, holds your hand and you are release from all hardships of life.

Now we will not talk about your hardships. They are a blessing for you and you will carry them. You should know this. We will not free you from the hardships. To release you from the hardships means to do the biggest evil to you. We give you knowledge and opportunities to use them for good. Your entire wealth is hidden in these hardships. Someone says, "I wish God could take away that hardship from me." You should not say this, instead say, "God, give me knowledge to overcome all hardships in my life!" You have special hardships in your life that you cannot be share with anyone. A doctor is needed! If you are a bankrupt trader and share your misfortune with another trader, who is your adversary, nothing will remain from you. However, if you share it with a friend who loves you and can understand you, this friend will give you an advice through which you will overcome your difficult situation. It is said in the Bible: "Entrust your load only to the Lord." You can entrust your load only to the One Who loves you and Whom you love. If you connect to a person you love, he or she will take your load. But if this person does not love you and is not loved by you, he or she will not take your load.

Now, the fog that surrounds us shows that this year the world will go through big hardships. The worldly people will be surrounded by very thick fog, which they have to overcome. It will be like this throughout the entire year. However, at the highest place there will be a lot of warmth and many forces. There are forces in the fog. Whatever may come, do not be afraid! You shall be courageous and decisive as you bear a sacred idea. Even if they throw you ten times in fire, you shall not worry, you will not burn. You will be like Daniel who was put in the dyke with the lions. Did the lions eat him up? You will be like the three youths in the fire furnace. Did they burn up? You will be like Christ on the cross. Did He die? Did He stay in the grave? Many saints were buried in earth, but after that they were not found there. Neither earth holds them, nor prison. An Englishman knew about the Universal Brotherhood of Light, he had expertise of the Indian yoga but was not liked by the English government. That is why they closed him in India and put guards in front of his cell. When they went in the morning to the prison they saw that he was not there. They caught him for a second time, put ten people to guard him, but he disappeared again. Finally he wrote them a letter, "You cannot keep me in confinement. Leave me and walk your way! I am not against the laws, but I also have certain rights, for which you have to leave me to go my way! Do not think that you can imprison me." The power of this man lies in his faith. You can have the same experience, but faith is required. They may lock you as much as they want, but God will set you free. That is the Beauty of the world! If anyone of you had had this understanding, then despite being locked up with ten guards, you would have gone out and would have felt free being a master of your state. You have faith as well, but much more is needed for it to grow in strength! You have knowledge, but a lot more has to be acquired! You have virtues, but these virtues have to be developed further. Your wisdom, righteousness and mercy – all these virtues within us must be and can be strengthened. You have all the opportunities to strengthen these virtues.

Thus, I will not talk over a certain philosophy to those of you who are listening to me now, because no philosophy can be discussed at Musala. Instead I will give you some practical points for application. Musala is solely a place for experiments. Now I must leave you here at the peak for at least one hour to lie down. During this time you will learn three times more than if I hold a lecture. When you go down the first thing that you should do is to make the following experiment: concentrate your mind up towards God and say, "God, as we walk Your way; as we want to serve You, let this small warmth come, so that we can feel it! I am ready to carry my suffering, but give me this warmth, let me feel it!" Do not ask God for big things! You always want big things from God and that is why you lose the small ones. You should ask for the small ones! When this small warmth comes, it will bring the new age into your life. This is the first experiment, the first condition. After you sense this small warmth, you will say, "God, give me the small light to feel it!" When you say so a small light will flash in your mind. You will notice this whitish light in the center of your brain. This light will be as small as a pin. Thus you will have two opportunities: warmth and light. Then you will already commence with life. Warmth reacts on life, light – on chemistry and religion. You must become courageous and decisive. So when you wake up in the morning there are two things you should ask God for.

Now, you will apply one, two, three methods and finally when you find yourselves going through hard times you will say: "God, give me the small warmth and the small light!" When you feel them you will say, "God, let it all be for Your Glory!" When suffering and hardships come, you will say again, "God, let it be again for Your Glory!" You will say about everything that happens in your life, "For the Glory of God!" This will be your profit from Musala. If they ask you what you were told at Musala, you shall say, "May all be for the Glory of God!" This is the summary of everything I spoke to you at Musala: Let everything be for the Glory of God!

Currently, we are learning about the smallest warmth, which can exist in us as well as about the smallest light that can manifest itself within us – Warmth and Light! Now you must know for the entire year: everything happens for the Glory of God! Next year when we come here I will tell you: show me your small warmth and light!

Now, we will make an exercise. You will spread out at a considerable distance, at least a meter away from each other. You will turn south and will pronounce the formula: Let Virtue be enthroned and all bad thoughts in the world scatter! You will turn east and will pronounce the formula: Let God's Righteousness be enthroned in the world and all wrongs disappear from our life! You will turn north and you will say: Let God's Truth be enthroned in our life and all slavery disappear from our soul! You will turn west and you will pronounce the formula: Let God's Wisdom be enthroned in all manifestations of our life and evil disappear from our way! You will turn east again and you will pronounce the formula: Let God reign and be glorified in all His Love, Wisdom and Truth! Let God be enthroned in His Love, Wisdom and Truth! Let us accomplish everything for the Glory of God on Earth! Amen.


1) Musala – the highest peak in the Balkans, 2925 m, located in southwestern Bulgaria, Rila Mountain. The name is derived from Mus Allah, "the mountain of Allah", being so named during the period when Bulgaria was part of the Islamic Ottoman Empire. According to the Master Beinsa Douno the oldest esoteric school on Earth was situated in Rila.

2) Varna – the third largest city and a major sea port in Bulgaria, economic and cultural center.

3) Alexei Nikolaevich Kuropatkin (1848-1925) was brought back from effective retirement in 1915 to serve as an entirely unsuccessful field commander in the Russian army. Kuropatkin was chief of staff during the Russo-Turkish War, commander in chief in Caucasia in 1897, and minister of war (1898-1904). In the Russo-Japanese War he commanded the Russian troops in Manchuria; he resigned after the Russian defeat in the Mukden Incident.

4) Verdun – the longest and one of the bloodiest battles of World War I.

This lecture is a part of a twelve selected lectures. You can download all lectures from here

Translated by Martina Iovcheva and Jana Rupchina

Edited by Maria Braikova


Person for contact: Anelia Kuzmanova

Note: This Team was created in Bulgaria in 2002 to work for spreading the Teaching given by Beinsa Douno - Peter Deunov /1864-1944/. We are pleased to share this Word with you in English, French, German and Spanish. All our members work for free and on a voluntary basis. We will appreciate any assistance, especially in editing, publishing and distributing these translations.

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