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The Sixth Race


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The Sixth Race

The Master said:

"Each new epoch is a creative Act of God. Modern times cannot be compared to the future which is coming. Now a nucleus of people from all nations is forming in the world - English, French, German, Russian, American, Japanese, Chinese, Bulgarian, Turk, Serb - both black and white - are forming a new race; a nation with a new understanding which is different from the present. Who unites these spirits? The Great Divine Law attracts them that they may come to know one another and work together. I ask: Could the Bulgarians be a contingent of such people? Yes, they can. If the Bulgarians do not send their representatives there, they will be its servants. Those nations who send their representatives to this nucleus - their names

will be inscribed upon this great kingdom; and those who do not - their names will be erased. The Scriptures stated thousands of years ago, 'Those peoples which do not serve God do not have a future.'

"A glorious moment is coming for which you must prepare yourselves. Be glad for your future, for that which is awaiting you.

"Everywhere - in all nations - there are people present of the sixth race. You can encounter representatives of the sixth race as an intelligent child, as a noble youth or as an old man."One sister asked, "Are we going to see them?"

The Master replied:"You have seen them. It is said in the Scriptures, 'All nations will come together and the name of God will be glorified.' From the twelve tribes of Israel, one understands that humankind will be united. The twelve tribes are the 12 symbols of the zodiac, the 12 qualities of humankind.

"People have small ideas. The Bulgarians wish for a great Bulgaria; the Serbs - a great Serbia. All wish to be great. In the Kingdom of God, all nations must be united. By 'the Kingdom of God,' one should understand the people of the sixth race. They will live as brothers.

All nations will be represented in one unity.

"Those who do not understand the prophecies are worried about the future. Read Chapter 60 from Isaiah. This chapter is about the coming of the sixth race. In the Epistle of Jude, verse 14, it is written, 'Behold, the Lord has come with thousands of his holy ones to execute judgment upon all, and to convict all the impious of all their impious works.' This is about an epoch whose beginning is now. Until now, the good were being cultivated in the greenhouse, but when the Kingdom of God comes, all flowers will leave the greenhouse; natural growing conditions will exist for them.

"From the Invisible World, Advanced Beings - people of the new Love or the so-called forerunners of humankind - are coming. These are Workers who are coming from Above. When they find souls who are ready to work, they will incarnate in them, and will work through them.

"New ideas are coming into this world. They clash with the old ones.

Why? Because the old refuses to give up its realm. The new will reform the world radically. The old systems will be replaced with new ones. The one who accepts these new ideas will be transformed. His face will become illuminated and will take on a new expression. We are in a transitional epoch. We will all pass into the new epoch and will live in a new way. The old forms have become obsolete. The old life has no more material for work. The time has come for all people to raise their consciousness a step upward and give way to the Divine Power.

- "The Wellspring of Good: The Last Words of the Master Peter Deunov" Compiled by Bojan Boev and Boris Nikolov, pages 349-351.

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The Master said:

The sixth race is the race of Justice and of the Kingdom of God.

The sixth race is already coming, and then the Kingdom of God - on a

small scale - will be established on earth.

Each race has give something of itself. The race which follows - the

race of Love - will give the most. It will be represented by noble,

luminous souls. It will bring to earth the new culture. The ideas of

the sixth race are like the air: they permeate all, even now.

The sixth race will give order to the world. It will take up

leadership in its hands. The Divine within man puts to sleep the base

- the animal nature - within him. For thousands of years, it has been

lulling it to sleep in a manner similar to lulling a snake to sleep.

The learned ones who will come will put order and structure into the

world. These are the people of the sixth race.

The awakened people from all nations will form the sixth race.

Slowly but surely, you are advancing towards the sixth race. It is in

store for you to meet with the luminous souls who love you. Do not

waver and do not doubt!

The man of the sixth race is already created, he exists. He has been

there for thousands of years, but he is kept under guard, is hidden:

he is not shown to everybody.

With the coming of the sixth race, humankind will enter paradise and

will depart from error.

In the future, man will remember his past incarnations. It will be

pleasing for him to remember them, but he will feel that he has

departed from his old state - like the butterfly which previously had

been a caterpillar.

The man of the sixth race will be musical. When he visits one who is

ill - just by singing to him or playing an instrument - the ill one

will regain his health.

- "The Wellspring of Good: The Last Words of the Master Peter

Deunov" Compiled by Bojan Boev and Boris Nikolov, pages 351-354.

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OM This chat in English is good idea - otherwise this forum is solely closed Bulgarian space - I am sure that if we become more active in this international part of the site, of the forum, we can get in touch with our Friends from all over the globe - does not it deserve the effort? There are thousands of brothers and sisters in France, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Canada, who will be happy to link their minds with ours and in this way the Ideas of this upgraded teaching will work even more effective on the planet's Aura!

About the sixth race - it is now coming the sixth subrace of the fifth race, from which will be taken the seeds for the sixth race( the sixth subrace is the slavic one)! And the 6-th race - the real one will come after approximately 250 000 years (check the "Secret Doctrine", Blavatsky). The Master Beinsa Douno is talking generally without specifying, because this is his style of introdusing ! Have a bright days and let us really make this Forum international, let's spread the Light widely!!! Think about that - let's become citizens of the planet!!! OM

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:v: Salut!

Let’s try ! :thumbsup2:

There can be a Miracle when you Believe….When you believe ...

Who knows what Miracle we can achieve….we can achieve when we believe…..

Whitney Houston& Mariah Carey ” When You Believe “


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I found that international forum ,how great as an idea, how big as an occupation!

I wish luck and joy to everybody! Stay online ! Perhaps it is possible to speak here with people from all over the world ?

I believe in 6th race also .It will be stupid if we do not pay attention to all the signs ,that are showing as that World Event .

I'll keep trying finding them !

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The Earthdance - Global Festival For Peace

Lunar Moon 25 – Red Magnetic Dragon (Kin 1) - September 16 2006 - 250 locations in 50 countries


Universal Prayer For Peace at 4:00 PST - 00:00 Universal Time (GMT)

"We are one global family

All colors, All races

One world united.

We dance for peace and the healing of our planet Earth

Peace for all nations.

Peace for our communities.

And peace within ourselves.

As we join all dance floors across the world,

let us connect heart to heart.

Through our diversity we recognize Unity.

Through our compassion we recognize Peace.

Our love is the power to transform our world

Let us send it out


May PEACE prevail on Earth "

11 - 21 Semtember

11 days ot Global Unity

:feel happy: Love + Light + Peace + Joy :feel happy:

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